Putting Public Health Evidence in Action

Congratulations Oregon Attendees:  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Putting Public Health Evidence in Action workshop. Please review details below about the upcoming moderated in-person webinar and distance learning workshop. 

We hope that all of you will prepare for the training by doing some "pre-workshop" activities. This course is fast-paced, detailed and relies heavily on good time-management. Help us adhere to our 1-day training commitment to you by completing the "pre-workshop" activities beforehand.  

Before the workshop, take time to:

  • View Defining Evidence presentation. Click here.
  • View Community Assessment presentation. Click here.
  • Look at the Resources List (click here) and Glossary (click here).
  • Go on a Finding Evidence Scavenger Hunt. Click here for a handout with instructions.
  • Fill out the Community Assessment Worksheet.

    IF you have not done a community assessment, click here to fill out the Community Assessment Worksheet.

    IF you have done a community assessment, please take time to review your proposal, and during the workshop plan to share information about your data sources and what you learned from them.

Please bring your worksheets and a copy of your proposal to the training. You will use them in our training activities.

If you have any questions about the upcoming workshop, please contact Paige Farris at farrisp@ohsu.edu at the Oregon Health & Science University.